Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions to participate, as an Exhibitor, Sponsor or as a Visitor to Expocannabiz 2019, event that pretends to connect enterprises with experts in the business of Cannabis, investors and exhibitors, knowledgeable of the Cannabis branch. To these Terms and Conditions it is understood to be adhered every natural or legal person that visits, is located, advertises, sends representatives and, in general, that in any way intervenes, actively or passively in Expocannabiz 2019, which will be ruled bay the following clauses.


1. Definitions:

For all purposes related to the execution or interpretation of the current Terms and Conditions, when the terms are used the first letter as a capital letter or, in case that the context signals the word as defined in this section, its meaning shall be deemed definded as follows:

  1. ExpoCannabiz: It refers to the exposition or fair “ExpoCannaBiz Business Conference” that will be held in the Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias from may 9th to 11th 2019. When in the text it is referred to ExpoCannabiz as a person, it will be understood that it refers to the Organizer in exercise of his functions as the supporter of the Event.
  2. Centro de Convenciones: It is referred to Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias, located in Calle 24 # 8A_344, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia
  3. Event: It is referred to ExpoCannabiz.
  4. Supporter: It is referred to Tobar Investments LLC, commercial company incorporated according to the laws of the State of Georgia, USA and domiciled in Norcross city – Georgia – USA.
  5. Exhibitor: Every natural or legal person that has a Stand in the Event.
  6. Visitor: Every natural or legal person that attends to the Event, on – site, even if the person doesn’t necessarily is participating in a Stand.
  7. Lecturer: It is referred to the persons that will provide talks or lectures within the framework of the Event and that will be announced as such in the Media of the Event.
  8. Sponsor: It is every natural or legal person that advertises in the Event.
  9. User: It refers to any person, whether as Exhibitor, Visitor or Lecturer, that is related to the Event.
  10. Authority: It is referred to any person who, according to the laws of the Republic of Colombia, has coercive power to enforce the law of the country.
  11. Space: It is referred to the place of location, above the Centro de Convenciones, duly delimited by the floor plan of the Event, where the Exhibitor’s Stand will be placed.
  12. Stand: It is referred to the physical assembly where the products and / or services that the Exhibitor will bring to the Event will be exhibited, in compliance to these Terms and Conditions.
  13. Event Media: Refers to the means that the Organizer will use to communicate the details of the Event, as well as any news related to it, including, but not limited to: Posters, banners, the Website, applications, advertisement in the media, official emails and, in general, any communication sent by the Organizer, that is related to the Event.
  14. Website: It is the primary and main media of the Event, which is hosted on the page www.expocannabiz.com and / or in the application that the Organizer will develop for the Event.
  15. T&C: It refers to these Terms and Conditions.


2. Location and Date:

  1. ExpoCannabiz will be held at Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias at: Calle 24 # 8A_344, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia.
  2. The scheduled date for the ExpoCannabiz is from May 9th to May 11th, 2019.


3. Event Regulations:

The relationship between the Users and ExpoCannabiz will be governed by the following provisions in their order:

  1. Contracts entered into with the natural or legal person that is User of the Event.
  2. The T&C.
  3. The law of the Republic of Colombia.

In any case, it is understood that the rules of public order of the Republic of Colombia will prevail over any conventional rules agreed upon, between the parties and, the Organizer and the Users will do their best efforts so that the Contracts and T&Cs are complied with, if not in the agreed terms, in the most similar way that adapts to the rules of public order, to be executed in good faith.

It will be the sole responsibility of the Users not to carry or market substances prohibited by Colombian legislation. In no case shall ExpoCannabiz or its organizers be liable for any act of Authority that ends in the imposition of police, administrative or judicial measures against the Users.

Se entienden incluidos en los presentes T&C todas las regulaciones de uso y seguridad del Centro de Convenciones, las cuales será obligación del Usuario conocer e informarse, para evitar transgresiones. It is understood that all the use and security regulations of the Centro de Convenciones are included in these T&C, which will be the User’s obligation to know and be informed, in order to avoid transgressions.



4. Registry:

  1. The registration must be done by all Exhibitors or Visitors through the Website.
  2. Visitors may also be registered in person at the ticket office of the Event.
  3. To have access to ExpoCannabiz, all Exhibitors or Visitors must make the advance payment of their rights as Exhibitor or Visitor at the time of completing the Registration and previously accept the T&C, otherwise they won’t be able to be admitted to the Event.
  4. The submission of the online registration form without payment to ExpoCannabiz or its Organizer will not will not grant the right to claim admission to the Event.
  5. The form or offer that is completed or accepted sent to ExpoCannabiz or its Organizer is an offer of contract from the Exhibitor or Sponsor, which must be accepted by the Organizer or its delegates to complete the sale of the spaces for Exhibitor or Sponsor.
  6. The information written in the Registry must be real and true. In case that false or inaccurate information is included in the registry, the User will not have the right to participate in ExpoCannabiz and will have a penalty equivalent to 100% of the corresponding value of the amounts that had to be paid according to his registration, which is from now authorized by User to be deducted from the amounts deposited or delivered, without prejudice to any other civil or criminal actions that might be undertaken by the Organizer.
  7. In order to be able to advertise and be a Sponsor in the Event, a written agreement must be previously entered into with the Organizer, which will clearly stipulate at least the form, place, term and quantity of the advertising, as well as the compensation of ExpoCannabiz.
  8. By registering, the User accepts all T&C, the unilateral qualifications and the conditions related to the Event and no other application of them will be considered.
  9. The User will be held responsible of the warranty that all its subordinates, employees and guests to ExpoCannabiz and its agents will comply with the terms and guidelines and will be liable for any action or omission made by them in prejudice of any other User, the Organizer or ExpoCannabiz as whole.
  10. All data that is filled in the Registry will be subject to the Data Processing Policy that is part of these T & C.


5. Admission:

  1. It will be able to participate as Exhibitors and Sponsors, Exhibitors and Sponsors who are national or international manufacturers, distributors, service companies and institutions or associations and organizations, as well as those companies authorized by a manufacturer to exhibit their products, and companies whose products objectively and thematically fit ExpoCannabiz.
  2. All products and services must be directly or indirectly related to the purpose of the Event. Other companies may participate if their products are an essential or in part a supplement to ExpoCannabiz.
  3. Admission of Exhibitors who have registered will be decided by the Organizer unilaterally, eventually in cooperation with competent personnel. ExpoCannabiz may reject or exclude exhibitors or suppliers of participating for objectively justified reasons, especially if the available space is insufficient and if necessary restrict the event to certain groups of exhibitors or suppliers that affect the goal of ExpoCannabiz. Based on the above reasons, ExpoCannabiz also has the right to limit the exhibitions listed and change the registered stand. The admission applies only to the exhibitions listed, the exhibitors will be determined in the admission confirmation and the space stipulated therein. There shall not be displayed items other than those listed and admitted. Exhibitors who do not comply with their financial obligations to ExpoCannabiz or who fail or have violated the T&C or legal regulations may be excluded from participating.
  4. Once the Exhibitor has been pre_admitted, the invoice will be sent to him so that he may pay his participation rights for the Event.
  5. The online confirmation of payment of the invoice is the confirmation of admission and space at the same time, after the approval and selection of the exhibitor’s space number according to the category of the Stand paid.
  6. ExpoCannabiz will have the right to revoke the admission, if it was granted on the basis of false or inaccurate information or for the breach of the requirements and rules related to the Stand, the Space, Coexistence or for the non_acceptance of the T & C, without this circumstance generates the right of compensation from the Organizer.


6. Space Assignment:

  1. Assistance in the form of community stands is not allowed, the right to use Space and installation of the Stand is personal and non_transferable by the Exhibitor.
    1. The exchange of the assigned Space with another Exhibitor or third parties, the total or partial assignment to a third party will not be valid and will be grounds for Expulsion of the Event, if it is done without the prior and written consent of ExpoCannabiz.
  2. All exhibitors must pay to have their own space in the exhibition, which will be duly identified and delimited by ExpoCananabiz.
  3. Space allocation will be made by common agreement between ExpoCannabiz and the Exhibitor, according to the theme and structure of the particular exhibition, and the quantity of available space.
  4. The special requirements referring to the Space that the is needed by Exhibitor, must be mentioned in the online registration form and will be adapted whenever possible.
  5. ExpoCannabiz reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of the assigned Space, if this is reasonable for the Exhibitor taking into account the interests of the Event.
    1. ExpoCannabiz will inform the Exhibitor immediately about the necessary measures and, if possible, assign a similar Stand.
    2. In case of changes in the participation fee due to the change of the assigned Space, a new calculation or refund will be issued to the Exhibitor, without the Exhibitor being able to claim any other type of compensation for consequential damages or loss of earnings.
  6. The Exhibitor accepts and understands that, at the start of the Event, the location of his Space may change with regard to the one assigned to him at the time of the admission, without this producing any claim right.
  7. If the assigned Space is not available due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the reach of ExpoCannabiz, the Exhibitor will be entitled to be reimbursed the participation fee actually paid.
  8. There will be five different sizes of Spaces, which will be specified in the floor plan, to which the Exhibitor may access through the Event Media.


7. Participation Fees:

  1. Participation fees will be calculated based on the net square meters (m2) given or the prices indicated in the online registration form specified by the square meters of the Space. The extra space will depend on the availability of exhibition space for assignment. The minimum space size will be that indicated on the registration form.
  2. The participation fees and any other charges are conceived as net prices. Taxes will be calculated in accordance with the legal provisions of the Republic of Colombia applicable on the date on which the payment of the corresponding invoice is made by the User.
  3. The services that the User requests or must cover during the Event, will be calculated at the time of the closure and will be billed to the User. If the actual expenses are higher than those in the pre_sales, a new calculation will be made.
  4. ExpoCannabiz reserves the right to offer to certain associations, companies, environmental groups and other organizations, an special participation fee or exchange for services rendered.
  5. The participation invoice is equivalent to the admission and confirmation of the space at the same time. The payment terms are specified in the corresponding invoice.
  6. The complete and previous payment of the amounts of the invoice is a mandatory requirement for accessing to the Stand and for the delivery of Exhibitor passes.
  7. The possible anticipated cancellation of reservations will expire if the Exhibitor does not comply with the dates of payment and at the latest within the following week.
  8. If the invoices are sent by instructions of the Exhibitor to a third party, the Exhibitor will remain responsible for their payment.
  9. Invoices for any additional cost or service (for example, technical service, accessories, furniture, etc.) will be sent immediately after the order or the rendering of the service or delivery of the product, and must be paid before the opening of the exhibition floor, except if they are generated with a date subsequent to the opening of ExpoCannabiz, in which case they must be paid in the terms of the invoice. The Exhibitor must pay the additional costs immediately after receiving the corresponding invoice.
  10. All invoices must be paid by wire_transfer without deductions for the total amount in US dollars at the price shown on the invoice and indicating in the transfer the invoice and the customer number.
  11. Any claim against invoices must be made immediately after receiving the invoice in written and will only be taken into account if they are made within 3 business days after receiving of the invoice.
  12. In the event that the Exhibitor requests a change of information indicated on the registration form that results in the modification of the billing, ExpoCannabiz will be entitled to charge a fee of $ 25 US dollars plus any applicable taxes as administrative costs. The foregoing, without prejudice to the fact that ExpoCannabiz may reject the billing change due to policies for the money laundering and terrorism financing prevention or for not counting the entity to which it will be invoiced, a suitable credit history is to be invoiced.
  13. If the payment is not made online or if the Exhibitor does not pay the Stand or the Space in the manner stated on the form or in the respective contract, ExpoCannabiz will cancel the assigned Space and dispose of the Space. Regarding the reimbursement of costs, the conditions of number 8 ‘Cancellation and non_participation’ will apply.
  14. The last day to cancel the event by the Exhibitor is 45 days before the first day of installation of ExpoCannabiz.


8. Cancellation, Modification or Non_Participation of the Exhibitor:

  1. While there has been no admission by ExpoCannabiz of the participation of the User, it will be possible to withdraw, modify or cancel the registration.
  2. The registry can only be modified once.
  3. After admission, the cancellation or reduction of the Exhibitor’s Stand will no longer be possible. The total participation fee and the services provided must be paid by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor may request reconsideration of the fee, if demonstrates that ExpoCannabiz has suffered little or no damage as a result of the late cancellation.
  4. The fact that in a space that has been left unoccupied by Cancellation or by the Exhibitor’s non_participation, should be occupied by management of ExpoCannabiz to maintain the general visual impression, will not free the Exhibitor from its obligation to pay.
  5. In the event that an exhibitor does not occupy the stand assigned to him, either by Cancellation, Non_Participation or Non_compliance of these T&C, the exhibitor will pay 25% of the participation fee as penalty, plus applicable taxes, due to the loss of benefits and compensation of costs for administrative expenses.
  6. Stands that are not recognizably configured at least 24 hours before the exhibition may be reassigned at the sole discretion of ExpoCannabiz to preserve the overall appearance of the Event. In this case, the Exhibitor must pay the total participation fee as compensation for the loss of opportunity and the efforts that ExpoCannabiz must make due to the negligence of the Exhibitor. In the event that another Exhibitor is not interested due to lack of time, the costs for the design of the Stand will also be assumed by the Exhibitor.
  7. If the Exhibitor does not participate in ExpoCannabiz, due to circumstances due to duly proven acts of force majeure or fortuitous event, which could not reasonably have been foreseen, ExpoCannabiz will reimburse 50% of the participation fee paid, notwithstanding that the Exhibitor may request the reconsideration of the charge, demonstrating that ExpoCannabiz has suffered little or no damage as a result of the Exhibitor’s non_participation.


9. Stand Design:

  1. The Exhibitor may, at his own risk and liability, design and assemble his Stand, contract with third parties at his own risk and liability, or contract directly with ExpoCannabiz.
  2. Orders for Stand design and assembly may be made:
    1. Up to 30 calendar days prior the first day of installation of ExpoCannabiz without surcharge to the stipulated value.
    2. From 29 to 25 calendar days before the exhibition with an extra charge of 10% on the listed value.
    3. From 24 to 15 calendar days before the start they will have a surcharge of 20% for late booking.
    4. With 14 calendar days left for ExpoCannabiz, orders for the design of new stands will not be accepted.
  3. In the event that the Exhibitor designs and assembles the Stand on its own account or through the hiring of third parties, the Exhibitor will be responsible for the design of the Stand in accordance with these T&C, according to the general floor plan of the exhibition and that the designs previously approved by ExpoCannabiz.
    1. ExpoCannabiz reserves the right to prohibit the construction of inadequate or inadequately equipped Stands or to modify them at the Exhibitor’s expense, if the Exhibitor has not made the pertinent changes sufficiently in advance of the opening of ExpoCannabiz.
    2. ExpoCannabiz will provide the Exhibitor with indications and / or designs to adjust the Stand. If the exhibitor chooses, the Exhibitor may use the services of ExpoCannabiz so that the stand of the exhibitor is designed and built at the current rate per m2.
  4. The Stand must be adequately equipped, have qualified personnel in it and be accessible to Visitors throughout the opening hours of the Event.
  5. The premature dismantling of the Stand is not allowed and will be punished with a 50% of the participation fee as a fine.
  6. The exact times, as well as the precise organization of the storage and dismantling, as well as the delivery and collection of the elements that make up or that have been exhibited at the Stand, will be the exclusive responsibility of the Exhibitor, who must inform ExpoCannabiz in a timely manner and in writing about any change.
  7. The Exhibitor is solely responsible for ensuring that he has the necessary permits for the development of his activities and that he complies with the commercial, competition, health, consumption, fire safety, applicable police regulations and any other regulations that require fulfillment for the development of its activity in ExpoCannabiz.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to carry out construction and dismantling activities during the opening hours of the Event. In case of violation of this provision, successive fines equivalent to US $ 1500 will be charged.
  9. The Exhibitor must initiate the adaptation of the Stand on May 7, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. until May 8, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. and the dismantling times must be May 12, 2019 from 7:30 a.m. at 11:59 p.m.
  10. The adaptation and installation of the Stand must be completed before the first day of the Event at 9:00 a.m. The first day of the exhibition is May 9, 2019. In case that this term is not respected, the Exhibitor must notify ExpoCannabiz in writing. If ExpoCannabiz does not receive notification within the terms indicated in literal i. of this clause and the stand is not installed in a recognizable manner, ExpoCannabiz reserves the right from this moment to assign the Stand to an alternative use without prior notice or reimbursement of any kind to the Exhibitor.
  11. The Exhibitor will be responsible for the timely dismantling of the Stand, unless the dismantling has been contracted with ExpoCannabiz. After the agreed period of dismantling, all obligations of ExpoCannabiz other than those related to the processing of Personal Data will end.
  12. ExpoCannabiz will be exempt from responsibility for the products that remain in the Centro de Convenciones, including those that have been sold to a third party during the Event. ExpoCannabiz will have the right to demand an appropriate compensation fee for the disposal of all non_dismantled and transferred exhibition products that are left in the Centro de Convenciones; ExpoCannabiz will also have the right, but not the obligation to remove and store exhibition products immediately at the expense and risk of the Exhibitor executed by a suitable company. If the storage right is not exercised, the Exhibitor already authorizes ExpoCannabiz to dispose of and, if necessary, dispose of the items that are left behind, at the expense of the Exhibitor.


10. Sales Regulations:

  1. The sale of products will only be permitted for products registered and confirmed as personal or medicinal consumption by ExpoCannabiz and in accordance with the relevant regulations, with the corresponding licenses.
  2. The right to sell food and beverages for immediate consumption is only allowed for sellers who have been expressly authorized by ExpoCannabiz.
  3. The Exhibitor agrees not to issue, sell or give away illegal substances in accordance with Colombian legislation. In case of violation, the person will be removed from the Event, the Authorities will be notified and that person will pay all costs for any damage that such violation may cause.


11. Security and Cleaning:

  1. ExpoCannabiz will be responsible for the general security of the location and corridors without assuming responsibility for loss or damage, because the general custody of each Stand or Space will be the Exhibitor’s. Each User must also safeguard their personal items.
  2. The Exhibitor is responsible for the supervision and custody of the Stand. This also applies during accumulation and disassembly times. It is recommended to keep valuables and easy to remove items under lock and key. Outside of opening hours, ExpoCannabiz will not be responsible for the general surveillance of the fairgrounds. If the Exhibitor wishes to hire security for his Stand, the Exhibitor must do so with a security company designated by ExpoCannabiz. The costs will be paid by the Exhibitor
  3. ExpoCannabiz will be responsible for the general cleaning of the location and corridors of the exhibition hall. The cleaning of the Stand will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor, which must be completed every day before the Event. The stand cleaning service (floor space only) may be requested through the Exhibitor’s online registration, in accordance with the rates established by ExpoCannabiz.
  4. If after the dismantling, waste, garbage or other items have been left behind, ExpoCannabiz will have the right to have it eliminated and destroyed at the expense of the Exhibitor, for which a 25% surcharge will be charged on the rate that would have corresponded to the cleaning service of the Stand.


12. Exhibitor Passes:

  1. The number of free passes for Exhibitors will depend on the size of the Stand.
  2. Additional exhibitor passes must be paid at the Visitor’s fee.
  3. Exhibitor passes are exclusively for the Exhibitor, the staff of his Stand and Exhibitor’s representatives.
  4. Exhibitor passes must be carried at all times and presented at the entrance check upon request and in no way they might be transferable.
  5. Exhibitor passes will be issued on the site in the exhibition office or will be sent by express request, before the Event. In case of misuse, the passes will be revoked and could not be replaced.


13. Technical Services:

  1. ExpoCannabiz will provide the refrigeration and general illumination of the halls.
  2. The individual illumination of the Exhibition Stand will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor and must be requested separately, unless contracted together with the construction of the Stand.
  3. The installation costs of the connections of water, electricity and telecommunications for individual Stands and other services will be charged to the Exhibitor according to the rates established by ExpoCannabiz.
    1. ExpoCannabiz will have the right to demand the corresponding payment for installation, in advance.
    2. The installations referred to in this section can only be made by ExpoCannabiz.
    3. Within the Stand, the installations may be carried out by external contractors who must be previously approved by ExpoCannabiz upon written request of the Exhibitor.
    4. ExpoCannabiz will have the right to inspect the facilities but will not be obligated to do so.
    5. The Exhibitor will be responsible for everything and any damage caused by the installations.
    6. The connections, machinery and equipment, which are not authorized or do not comply with the relevant provisions, may be withdrawn at the Exhibitor’s expense.
  4. The Exhibitor will be responsible for all damages resulting from the misuse of the installations to which this clause refers.


14. Responsibility and Insurance:

  1. ExpoCannabiz will ensure the Event in the terms requested by the Centro de Convenciones, but each Exhibitor must have their own insurance.
  2. ExpoCannabiz is not responsible for damage or loss of exhibition products due to theft, fire, storm, water and in other cases of forces of nature. It is recommended that each Exhibitor himself purchases said insurance on his own.
  3. ExpoCannabiz will only be liable in case of malice or gross negligence on the part of ExpoCannabiz, its bodies, its volunteers, superior personnel or compliance employees that work for and on behalf of ExpoCannabiz.
  4. In case of negligent breach of contractual or pre_contractual obligations or liability for any breach of these obligations by indirect agents, subordinates and / or employees, ExpoCannabiz will be liable up to the maximum amount of damage foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract with the Exhibitor, which typically should be expected to occur.
  5. The aforementioned disclaimer will not apply to liability for the absence of guaranteed features. ExpoCannabiz will not be responsible in particular for Exhibitor exhibitions.
  6. Any damage or accident must be reported immediately to the Authorities and to ExpoCannabiz.
  7. The Exhibitor will be held responsible to ExpoCannabiz for any damage caused by its fault, that of its employees, its representatives or its exhibitions and equipment.
  8. Each Exhibitor will be required to acquire an appropriate insurance with a Colombian insurance company.


15. Changes in the conditions of Expocannabiz:

  1. ExpoCannabiz will have the right to cancel the exhibition, change the location, time or duration of the space conditions, due to instructions of the police or other mandatory circumstances that require it, to relocate, change and limit the assigned exhibition space.
  2. A change in location or time or any other change will be part of the contracts with the Exhibitors when notified in writing.
  3. ExpoCannabiz may cancel the Event, if the expected minimum number of registrations is not reached and when the implementation without changes is not economically viable.
  4. If ExpoCannabiz needs to shorten the exhibition for reasons of force majeure, fortuitous event or by order of a competent Authority, the Exhibitor will not have the right to request reimbursement of the total or partial participation fee, since it is understood that the payment for participation corresponds to the right to participate in the Event and not its duration.


16. Warranties:

  1. Any complaint related to defects of the Stand or Space that has to be addressed by ExpoCannabiz, should be reported to ExpoCannabiz immediately after the occupation, in writing, but no later than the last day of preparation, so that ExpoCannabiz can remedy the deficiencies of those who are responsible. Subsequent complaints may not be considered and may not give rise to claims against ExpoCannabiz.
  2. ExpoCannabiz will not guarantee in any way sales to the Exhibitors, nor the sales or deals carried out among the Users.


17. Rules of Coexistence:

  1. Harassing, dangerous or inappropriate content:
    1. ExpoCannabiz can request the elimination of every element of the exhibition, Stand, Conference or guideline that is harassing, dangerous, inappropriate or contrary to the law of the Republic of Colombia.
    2. If these requirements are not met, these objects will be removed by ExpoCannabiz and the expenses must be paid by the User.
    3. The User guarantees that he has full authority to dispose of the registered products and the regulatory approvals or permits necessary for Exhibitor’s operation.
  2. Advertising of the Exhibitors:
    1. Exhibits, printed paper and advertising materials may be displayed only within the rented Stand, but shall not be distributed in the hallways or other exhibition grounds.
    2. ExpoCannabiz has the right to prohibit the distribution and exhibition of advertising materials that may be cause for complaint, and confiscate the supplies of said advertising materials during the duration of the Event.
    3. Optical, mobile and acoustic advertising media and product presentations are allowed as long as they do not disturb the neighbors and should not stifle the exhibition’s own advertisement system in the corridors. If necessary, the Exhibitor is obliged to have licenses or registrations and will be responsible for any act of violation of third party rights or legal regulations. ExpoCannabiz can intervene and require modifications in case of violation.
    4. The transportation or management of advertising media, as well as the distribution of printed media and samples outside the rented Stand is only possible with the permission of ExpoCannabiz. In addition, the focus and interview of visitors outside the Stand are strictly prohibited. Said request must be made in writing to ExpoCannabiz.
  3. In the exhibition halls, the general smoking ban shall be followed. Smoking will only be allowed in the designated and marked areas. The Exhibitor is obliged to encourage visitors in his Stand to comply with the smoking ban. In case of visitors’ contravention, this must be informed to the ExpoCannabiz staff immediately. The Exhibitor is responsible for all damages produced to ExpoCannabiz for non_compliance with the smoking ban.
  4. The consumption of any substance prohibited under Colombian legislation in ExpoCannabiz is strictly prohibited.
  5. All material, content, product or service must respect the rights of third parties, especially fundamental rights and intellectual property rights. It will be the responsibility of each User to guarantee the abovementioned rights.



18. Public Information of ExpoCannabiz:

  1. For purposes of knowledge of the Users, ExpoCannabiz will publish the Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors on the Website and in the other Event Media and will keep them in a Database.
  2. ExpoCannabiz will not be responsible for the information that is published and is incorrect, incomplete or omitted, based on the User’s registration information.
  3. In any case, the User agrees to promptly notify ExpoCannabiz of the errors he finds in order to be corrected.
  4. The User Database will be kept for commercial purposes, especially regarding legal persons and the Personal Data will be treated as expressed in article 19 of these T&C.


19. Data Processing Policy:

  1. Collected Data: As stated in the contact forms, registration forms, contracts and other information that has been freely provided by the Owners, the information we collect and which ExpoCannabiz and the Organizer will keep, will be:
    1. Information identifying the natural or legal person with whom we have a business relationship or who intends to participate in ExpoCannabiz: Name, identification number, position and / or company that represents.
    2. Contact Information: Address, telephone and email.
    3. Behavior of the business relationship: Payments, sales, contacts made, quotes sent, contracts, services rendered and billing.
    4. Data of the services provided.
  2. Data processing: The data will be used:
    1. To make effective contact with the Owner and to perform follow up on the Event, as well as the results obtained from it.
    2. For purposes of sending correspondence or notifications related to present and future business relationships with ExpoCannabiz or the Organizer.
    3. Customer Relationship Management systems _ CRM or similar aimed at providing a better service.
    4. For monitoring the execution of contracts.
    5. To send important information about offers, requirements, news or any other information that is relevant to the Holder.
    6. To allow our strategic partners to make offers of your interest or help them generate networking for the projects and business of the Owner.
  3. Current databases: As of the date of issuance of these privacy policies, the following databases are in formation:
    1. Users Database.
    2. Supplier database.
    3. Prospects Database.
    4. Database of Employees.
  4. Rights and duties of Users, Prospects and Suppliers with respect to information:
    1. Know, update or rectify the information referred to in the literal “a” of this clause at all times.
    2. Keep his data updated for notifications.
    3. Ask for information about the use that has been given to his personal data. The authorization to use the data occurs at the moment in which it is expressed in the respective legal act or when it is indicated in the respective box of the contact form or acceptance of the T&C of ExpoCannabiz.
    4. Request the deletion of his information from the databases, remaining only registered for accounting purposes, once our contractual relationship has been completely terminated.
    5. Contractual relationship ended, the User will be removed from the Databases of ExpoCannabiz and only the contact data will be kept for purposes of making commercial offers of interest to him, unless he has requested the definitive suppression of his information.
  5. Procedure to know, update, rectify and delete the information: To know, update, rectify or delete the information that rests in our databases, the User must send a written request to the address, fax or email address they indicate in literal f, which will be processed under the terms of law 1581 of 2012. All of their claims will be handled by the Legal Department of the Organizer. All requests regarding these matters will be answered within a maximum period of ten (10) working days, unless there is a situation of force majeure or fortuitous event that does not allow compliance with this term, in which case it will be informed to the Holder of the additional term that will take to fulfill his request.
  6. Communications: For any type of communication related to these privacy policies, you can communicate to the notification address found in the documents signed with the company or to:
    Tobar Investments LLC
    General Director: Julián Tobar.
    5395 my Carter Blvd Ste. 300, Norcross, GA 30043. USA
    Tel .: +1 (678) 822 – 8166 • Fax: +1 (678) 348 – 7186
    E-Mail: info@expocannabiz.com.
  7. Validity: These privacy policies are effective as of October 12th, 2018.
    1. Any modification to them will be opportunely informed to the Owners.
    2. The privacy and personal data processing policies referred to in this document will be valid throughout our contractual relationship and once completed, until the date on which you request the deletion of our databases.
    3. Any change to the privacy policy will be informed via email to the electronic addresses informed by you.
    4. Likewise, if new databases are produced or existing ones are deleted, this situation will be reported to the Owners.


20. Report to Risk Centers:

The User expressly and irrevocably authorizes ExpoCannabiz and / or the Organizer or its Assignee to consult the information of the User that operates in the information databases of financial and credit behavior or risk centers that exist in the country or in the country of origin of the User, as well as to report to said data bases any breach of the obligations contracted in these T&C and in any document or legal act derived from its participation in ExpoCannabiz.



21. Place of Compliance and Jurisdiction:

  1. The place of fulfillment of the contractual relationship arising from the enforcement of these T&C is the city of Cartagena, Department of Bolívar, Colombia.
  2. The Colombian authorities will have jurisdiction to decide all disputes relating to ExpoCannabiz.
  3. The applicable law will be that of the Republic of Colombia.


22. Changes to the T&C:

  1. These T&C will only change when it is necessary to adjust its provisions to the Colombian legislation, when corrections must be done that do not affect the obligations and rights of the Users or when agreed by the Organizer and the User in writing. Otherwise, the T & C duly enforced with ExpoCannabiz will be valid for the User.
  2. Any agreement or private accord between the Organizer and the User must be in writing and duly signed by both parties through their legal representatives.


23. Inabilities to Participate in the Event:

  1. People who are involved in or investigated for crimes related to Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing or Narcotics Trafficking, directly or through an interposed person, may not participate in the Event. In the event that it is discovered that someone with these characteristics is an Event User, all privileges related to the Event will be revoked, the authorities will be notified of this situation and no refund will be made, in case they have made payments.
  2. The event is designed exclusively for adults, in no case may minors enter, even as companions.


24. Language of the Terms and Conditions.

The original language of these Terms and Conditions is Spanish, in case there is a discrepancy between the version in another language and the Spanish version, the Spanish version will be the valid one.


25. Expulsion from the Event Site:

Any serious breach of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the legal regulations, will give the Organizer the right to expel the User from ExpoCannabiz. If the User does not voluntarily withdraw, it will be done for the security of the event, as the User will assume on his own account any risk related to the forced withdrawal of ExpoCannabiz.


26. Entradas al Evento:

  1. Las entradas para el Evento serán pagadas en un solo contado, por cualquiera de los medios habilitados por ExpoCannabiz para su compra.
  2. Las entradas al evento serán entregadas via email y cualquier confirmación sobre compra se hará inmediatamente por el mismo medio en el momento de efectuar la compra.
  3. La adquisición de las entradas para el Evento implica la aceptación de los TyC en su totalidad y en la versión que se encuentre vigente al momento de efectuarse el Evento.
  4. Será responsabilidad del Visitante, previamente a confirmar la compra de su entrada, verificar su disponibilidad para asistir al Evento, por lo que se entiende que su decisión de comprar las entradas es informada, suficiente y final.
  5. La compra de las entradas al Evento son definitivas, en consecuencia, una vez efectuada la compra y recibido el pago por parte de ExpoCannabiz, no se harán devoluciones por ninguna circunstancia.
  6. La reventa de entradas no esta permitida y esta prohibida.
  7. Sin embargo, la transferencia del registro o cambio de nombre en la entrada del evento puede hacerse, si el Visitante no puede atender por cualquier razón, el cambio tendrá que hacerse por lo menos 20 días antes de comenzar el evento y tendrá un costo de $50 dólares, este sera el ultimo día para hacer cualquier cambio en la registracion, no se aceptan cambios pasados los 20 dias para comenzar el evento


27. Contacto con el Organizador:

Para todos los efectos, el Organizador podrá ser contactado conforme a los datos que se señalan a continuación:

Tobar Investments LLC
Director general: Julián Tobar.
5395 Jimmy Carter Blvd Ste.300,
GA 30043. EE.UU.
Tel.: +1 678_822_8166 _ 4030• Fax: +1 678_348_7186
E_Mail: info@ExpoCannabiz.com